Tao     Hai     Yue

We Are All Public Now

Lisa Glauer
Anke Hannemann
Public Art and New Artistic Strategies Sommersemester 2014

For the Kreativfonds funded project We Are All Publie Now students of the international MFA, Public Art and New Artistic Strategies, dealt with a question that they often find themselves confronted with: "Public art? But what exactly is public art?" Working independently, they developed the concept for the exhibition and produced the resulting three-day restrospective that took place on 10-13th July 2014 at the Other Music Academy. The project is introduced in the following text written by Angela Paralow

As students on the Bauhaus' MFA in Public Art, we have grown used to this kind of response. Even in Weimar, the home of one of the only public art programs in Germany. But being a course that was founded on the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar's mission of internationality, not only do we comprise a body varied nationalities, we also spend a great deal of our time working and exhibiting abroad, which means Weimar has had few opportunities to see the far-reaching spectrum of the body of work produced on the program. With this in mind, and to coincide with the Bauhaus Summary 2014, and the anniversary marking the 20th academic year of the Gestaltung faculty, we organised a large Weimar based Public Art exhibition that showcased the work of both current students and a selection of alumni. Our 3-day event, structured around one central exhibition, gave us the opportunity to collectively exhibit our work, and provided a reference point for public interventions and performances throughout the city. This retrospective was the first of its kind for the MFA, but as well as providing us with a much-needed occasion to re-group with alumni, it also gave the city of Weimar a chance to contextualise our practice and address some of their yet-unanswered questions.

As the title We Are All Public Now suggests, this was an open exhibition dealing with the theme of "public". The 3-day event showcased a diverse selection of works that dealt with the contradictory understandings of the term "public". Those opting to work with "public" as a medium exhibtied work that utilised public space to explore themes of cultural identity, historical narratives, and the sublation of private/public duality. Those who worked with public as a theme addressed the timely debates surrounding our growing privatisation, consumerism and surveillance, producing topical works that were politically engaged and socially informed.

Given the varying nature of work that was exhibited, we created an exhibition space-in Weimar's Other Music Academy (OMA) -that functioned as a central "hub". The project's curators, Danielle Kourtesis and Ina Weiss, chronicled the selected works into themes, such as My Own Private Public Space, Role Playing in Public and Public As Placebo, producing introductory texts to aid audience navigation. In addition to a central exhibition, the project encompassed a series of performances and events, as well as informal talks that contextualised art in public space. discussed professional opportunities, and further explored the underlying theme of contemporary publicity. The exhibition included works from the program's projects in Athens, Weimar, Leipzig, Erfurt, Mostar, Sarajevo and more.

Participants included: Angela Parslow (Australia), Emrah Inandim (Turkey), Haiyue Tao (China), Iva Kirova (Bulgaria), Ina Weise (Germany), Danielle Kourtesis (USA), Maria Walcher (Italy), Martin Fink (Germany), Lucian Patermann (Germany), Nima Keshtkar (Iran), Saman Pourisa (Iran), Sofia Dona (Greece). Sujin Lim (South Korea), Yuequn Zhang (China), Yu Gao (China), Yoav Admoni (Israel-Palestine). Franziska Becher (Germany)

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