Tao     Hai     Yue



A loop of 99 digtal painting on the projection screen facing the street.
Medium: Single channel DV-NTSC, color, no sound, 10:44 min

Kaleidoscope is a series of 99 digital paintings that created during the two European lockdowns in 2020. Kaleidoscope is the ancient Greek word for "observation of beautiful forms", the ever- changing and ever-evolving image of a beautiful figure. Ninety-nine is also used in Buddhism to meanendless. 

All the drawings are symmetrical shapes, and you can look at them from any angle. In the friction between the screen and the pencil, the process of drawing itself is a kind of psychological healing for me, and also bringing hope and love to the people at this particular time.

Exhibition: Streetlight, Roman Susan Gallery, 1224 W. Loyola Ave, Chicago, US, 2021

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