Tao     Hai     Yue


Site-specific Sculptures

Installed during the artist residency at Fundaziun Nairs, Scuol, Switzerland

Dimensions variable

Found furnitures, Stones, Earth, Sand, Water, Paper, Stockings, thread, Glass, tableware


During her residency in Switzerland, artist Tao Hai Yue installed a series of sculptures that balanced incompatible objects, including found items from Fundaziun Nairs, and natural elements, such as water, soil, and stones. In Chinese, "water and soil" symbolize the local culture and environment, with the idiom "水土不服" (shuǐ tǔ bù fú), which literally means "water and soil do not suit," expressing discomfort in new surroundings. Tao Hai Yue investigates the discomfort and fragile compatibility people feel in new environments, continually adjusting objects to explore the tension between danger and stability.

Her works aim to evoke feelings of both calm and anxiety, embodying the struggle to maintain balance while capturing hope and humor amidst chaos.

Exhibition: “GIR D’AIR”, Fundaziun Nairs, Scoul, Switzerland

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