Tao     Hai     Yue


with Iva Kirova, Andres Londono, Angela Parslow, Yomayra Puentes & Luisa Roa Augustusplatz,Leipzig, Germany
Jan, 2013

This small intervention, based in the city of Leipzig, was a collaboration between six artists from diverse cultural backgrounds. Being new to Germany (in particular eastern Germany)we used it as an opportunity to demonstrate the collision of own cultural identities with that of Leipzig.

The piece was comprised of six individually created A6 postcards that functioned much like a souvenir. These self-made cards featured political quotes from our home countries (Colombia,China, UK and Bulgaria) that were then roughly translated in Google Translate into German and displayed on a typical retailer’s postcard stand on Augustusplatz (located at the east end of the city centre).

Dealing with the ephemerality of meaning we question how does the passing of time affect reception and interpretation. The result was an almost incomprehensible display of political and contextual absurdity that emulated our own sense of cultural displacement.

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