Tao     Hai     Yue


Shòu Cháo

Artist Book

The first dummy of the book was completed during the artist book workshop in Berlin, Germany
Fotos by Lorena Florio
Paper supported by Metapaper


Shòu Cháo (受潮) is a natural phenomenon that refers to the attachment of moisture in the air to the surface of objects or its penetration into the interior through the pores of objects. This phenomenon is detrimental to objects as it often leads to damage, deterioration, and the loss of their original functions. During the rainy season, this natural phenomenon is particularly significant in the Jiangnan region, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the Jianghuai region in China, as well as in the Korean Peninsula and the Japanese archipelago. It occurs from early June to mid-July each year, characterized by continuous cloudy and rainy weather. During this period, prolonged and alternating damp conditions make household items susceptible to mold growth, commonly referred to as "moldy rain" in folk parlance. This climate phenomenon is a unique product of the seasonal northward shift of the East Asian summer monsoon and is specific to the East Asian region.

Tao Hai Yue discovered a weather-damaged family album containing childhood family fotos in her old apartment while I she was back in China in 2023. Hangzhou, is located in the southeastern coastal region of China known as Jiangnan, which is a very humid city with over 147 rainy days in a year. Due to the lack of proper moisture control facilities in the apartment, many photos, books, and items were severely affected by dampness and mold. These weather-damaged items were supposed to be abandoned like the old apartment, but she decided to rescue them. The images in the photos have become unrecognizable due to the Shòu Cháo, and some are partially affected, capturing the process of moisture engulfing those images.

This artist book commemorate the things Tao considers precious but vanished due to demolished buildings, continuous rainy seasons, and the proliferation of mold in the city where she was born.The first dummy of the book was completed during the artist book workshop in Berlin, Germany, conducted by artist Claudia de la Torre.

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