Tao     Hai     Yue

这里的流浪狗喜欢在禁止流浪狗的标牌下睡午觉。Psi lutalice ovde vole da odspavaju pod zabranom pasa lutalica.

Mostar Diary

Installation/ Stickers

Tao Hai Yue participated in a 20-day long (from May 22nd to June 10th, 2013) artist residency program in Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina. The written materials derived from her private diary during the 20-day art project. Some fragments of the text were directly stuck on to the wall, forming a “diary line”. The diary line appears in both Chinese ( original ), and Bosnian ( translation ), alternating from sentence to sentence. The line is 151.2 cm from the ground, which is the height of the artist’s eyes. The “diary line” extends around the walls of three local galleries in Sarajevo.

Exhibition: 2013 “What Can I Not Know About You” group exhibition at Gallery ALU, Gallery Java and Gallery Roman Petrovic in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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